ACRush Topcoder问答语录

FameofLight    ACRush: Finally the god of programming arrives 
FameofLight    ACRush: do you follow a random practice , or you practice question by topic , in your early days 
ACRush    FameofLight: No, our team practiced 3 or 4 full contests a week. 
pt1989    ACRush: Can u tell us whom or what do u credit for ur success? 
ACRush    pt1989: I think more practice is the way. 
ktuan    ACRush: how can you arrange your study with 3-4 contests a week ? 
ACRush    ktuan: UVA, SGU , ZJU and PKU is enough. 
pt1989    ACRush: what is ur method of practising? random or organised? 
ACRush    pt1989: contest env.  We always solve programs in contest env. 
Sunny_05    ACRush: wat is ur daily routine ?? i mean hw do u practice everyday ?? 
ACRush    Sunny_05: We only have weekly routine for practice. 
binarywithme    ACRush: what u think about world final problems..level of difficulty 
ACRush    binarywithme: A little harder than 1000p. 
MB__    ACRush: Which of these do you do after you submit your solution on TC: test solution, re-read problem statement, check code line by line 
ACRush    MB__: test for at least 10 cases. 
martins256    ACRush: how many problems have you solved on OJ ? 
ACRush    martins256: about 2000. 
kcm1700    ACRush: How many problems have you proposed on OJ or anything like this competition or something…? 
ACRush    kcm1700: about 2000. 
vijay_comc    ACRush: Who is your Arch Rival in Programming ? 😉 
ACRush    vijay_comc: Petr, I think. 
SomethingWrong    ACRush: What is your favourite Online Judge? 🙂 
ACRush    SomethingWrong: SGU. 
vexorian    ACRush: Why SGU? 
ACRush    vexorian: More tricky testcases. 
Dee2306    ACRush: Being one of top programmers, do u believe its just practice which makes u perfect.. or some of u are born genius ?? 🙂 
ACRush    Dee2306: It’s at least 80% due to practice 
stormsky    ACRush: how to practice ACM for a ACM beginner? 
ACRush    stormsky: practice in contest env. 
piva    ACRush: Do you train more of one category of problems? Or you just solve problems at random? 
ACRush    piva: I do more practice in the ones I have troubles with. 
pt1989    ACRush: what are ur interests other than programming? 
ACRush    pt1989: WarCraft. 
vijay_comc    ACRush: Petr is already married. No plans to compete him in that area ? 😀 
ACRush    vijay_comc: ….not yet. 
Sarkin    ACRush: Is analyzing algorithms an essential part of learning algorithms? 
ACRush    Sarkin: Not all, I think coding is in practice room is the rest way. 
abdessamad    ACRush: can believe it! when i see your challengers 😀 😀 
ACRush    abdessamad: It’s one thing that Petr did much better than me. 
stjepan    ACRush: where did/do you practice most and how? 
ACRush    stjepan: And join contest. 
binarywithme    ACRush: why u choose c++ as a default programming language 
ACRush    binarywithme: er.. Stl is the first reason. Another one may be efficient. 
geekru2    ACRush: during contest, what kind of problems do u enjoy doing? as in type of problem? 
ACRush    geekru2: dp and network-flow. 
reginachris    ACRush: What’s the best OJ to start with for practice (UVa, SPOJ, TC, etc.)? 
ACRush    reginachris: USACO 
ferry    ACRush: What do you do when you can’t solve a problem or you don’t know what’s wrong? 
ACRush    ferry: I will try to pass it in practice room. I always do that. 
geekru2    ACRush: Do you solve puzzles and mind bending questions to improve your problem solving techniques? 
ACRush    geekru2: no. I don’t like such problems like suduko. 
Sarkin    ACRush: What algorithm types helped you in the IOI? 
ACRush    Sarkin: dp. 
abdessamad    ACRush: did you like chess? 
ACRush    abdessamad: yes. 
geekru2    ACRush: when in a team event(IOI etc), do you dominate while programming? 
ACRush    geekru2: yes. I guess. 
kcm1700    ACRush: how do you prepare data for the challenge phase? 
ACRush    kcm1700: The trickiest one, of course. 
binarywithme    ACRush: sir what is the best way to learn DP. 
ACRush    binarywithme: TC contest. 
[dasha]    ACRush: When u were beginning to compete,did u have any problems? Like low speed of sloving, or maybe some particular method u couldn’t understend for a long time, sth else? If yes, how did u get over that? 
ACRush    [dasha]: USACO is a really good place. Especially for the beginners. 
frank44    ACRush: how long did the usaco practice take you? 
ACRush    frank44: half one year. 
binarywithme    ACRush: what u think math should b strong to become a Gud programmer 
ACRush    binarywithme: The mathematical foundation is helps. 
khanhptnk    ACRush: excuse me, do you think what we should prepare before an important contest ? 
ACRush    khanhptnk: relax, and rush some simple problems. And solve some problems in a contest env. is also helpful. 
Sarkin    ACRush: Do you recommned reading "Introduction to Algorithms"? if you know? 
ACRush    Sarkin: Really good. 
coder29    ACRush: which parts do u advice to read in "Introduction to Algorithms"? 
ACRush    coder29: All parts are perfect. except complexity. 
MB__    ACRush: do you do any sports but topcoding? 
ACRush    MB__: soccer. 
vijay_comc    ACRush: Complexity in CLRS is flawed ?? 😮 
ACRush    vijay_comc: 7-8 
Sarkin    ACRush: What do you mean except comlexity? 
ACRush    Sarkin: That’s only my opinion. 
pcaldeira    ACRush: which skill do you consider most important on TCHS/ioi-style contests? 
ACRush    pcaldeira: algorithm skills and coding ability. 
coder29    ACRush: I am newbie…which OJ is better fr me…USCO or UVA? 
ACRush    coder29: USACO 
hakami    ACRush: Are you useing library or typing from first for SRMs? 
ACRush    hakami: some includes and basic untilities. 
vrajesh1989    ACRush: Will you try to prove your algorithms to yourselves during contest time or just believe your intuition and start coding? 
ACRush    vrajesh1989: Yes, it’s very important for me. 
Sarkin    ACRush: Do you use algorithm analyzis when solving a problem to see it’s effeciency? 
ACRush    Sarkin: Yes. the effeciency sometimes is more important than correctness in TC contest. 
coder29    ACRush: basically i want 2 to do pratice on DP and greedy types…is TCs’ room are sufficient..? 
ACRush    coder29: A bulk of dp tasks in SRMs. TC’s room is good. 
rajeshsr    ACRush: In short, what is the strategy for becoming a good coder, according to u? 
ACRush    rajeshsr: Practice is the way. 
Lingmum    ACRush: How can we improve our speed of solving the problems,more problems? 
ACRush    Lingmum: More practice. 
stormsky    ACRush: do you often practice TC?and how to practice? 
ACRush    stormsky: Yes. But in fact, I prefer to doing past Regionals and finals. 
sahiltiwari    ACRush: how many hours you practise per day ? 
ACRush    sahiltiwari: 4-5 
MohammadReza    ACRush: What do you do to make your code becomes bugfree although the big size? 
ACRush    MohammadReza: test more tricky cases.(corner cases) 
rajeshsr    ACRush: Sorry to be repetitious, But I want to know what is the strategy of practice you employed? U select some random problems from OJs and solve or try to master a particular domain like DP by solving problems based on that or any other thing? 
ACRush    rajeshsr: set problems of past regionals and finals. 
puneetkp444    ACRush: Can you suggest some ways to improve problem solving abilities 
ACRush    puneetkp444: practice all kinds of problems. 
alft7    ACRush: what do you usually do before a very important competition, practise or something else? 
ACRush    alft7: practice until 3 days before it. 
ferry    ACRush: What is the hardest problem you’ve done? 
ACRush    ferry: I in WF2007. 


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